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Old East Village

Old East Village — or OEV, if you want to sound in the know — is fast becoming one of London’s trendiest up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

Now, the area hasn’t been without its struggles, and until fairly recently, has been associated with housing problems, drug use and poverty.

However, thanks to being designated as an Ontario Heritage Conservation District in 2006, the neighbourhood has seen a huge amount of revitalization in both the residential and commercial spaces and is now a hub for independent businesses, great food and a hip atmosphere.

“We're a front porch neighbourhood

When OEV was awarded a Great Neighbourhood Award in 2004, Kristina Greenaway Courey, the president of Old East Village Community Association, said that the thing that makes OEV great is the sense of community that everybody shares:

“We get to know each other. We shop local. We support our businesses.”

And while a decade and a half has passed since they first won that award — and lots of things have changed in that time — that sense of community still remains.

People shop small, they support each other’s businesses and — best of all — they have each other’s back.

If you come to OEV, you’re sure to feel at home straight away. It’s just that kind of place.

A historical neighbourhood with a fresh approach

The OEV area has historically been home to some of the long-loved cornerstones of London, in particular, the Kellogg’s Factory, where all of your morning Corn Flakes were produced up until recently.

But now, the lingering smell of cornflakes that used to fill the air is gone and in its place is an enormous indoor adventure park featuring North America’s largest indoor ropes course, a trampoline park, electric go-karts, mini-golf, escape rooms, axe-throwing, an arcade and a toddler soft play area.

Just like the entire OEV area, the Kellogg’s Factory has found a way to evolve with the times without losing a sense of its heritage.

Likewise, The Western Fair, founded in 1867, is now home to a booming weekend farmer’s market and hosts a 10-day fair every September.

Our favourite places to go in OEV:

OEV isn’t the staid city that it once was anymore. It’s a vibrant hub of restaurants, breweries, artisan shops, independent brands and much, much more.

So, we thought we’d give you a quick taste of the area by letting you in on a few of Team MRG’s favourite spots in the OEV area…

To Eat:

With a menu that’ll convert even the most carnivorous of appetites, The Root Cellar vegan restaurant is a tiny little place that offers incredible service and some really creative and incredible dishes. You have to try the [dish]!

And, while it may not win points for the originality of its name, Vietnam Restaurant on Dundas St. is a hidden gem, serving up authentic Vietnamese food that we just can’t get enough of.

To Socialise:

The Powerhouse Brewery, which also resides in the architecturally stunning, retrofitted Kellogg’s Factory, serves up incredible craft beers in a magnificent setting and is a must-visit if you’re in the area.

Likewise, we can’t get enough of the Anderson Craft Microbrewery, one of OEV’s real hidden gems. You can’t be a flight of some delicious, small-batch brews while sitting on their patio.

But if craft beer isn’t your thing, the Aeolian Hall is one of OEV’s most unique and historic music venues and has an incredible schedule of live music and events.

Finally, for the best caffeine hit in town, head to 10eighteen, a quiet little coffee shop with incredible coffee and a yummy small menu.

To Shop:

If artisan meats and cheeses are your thing, then you need to head to Dundas St. We’re not kidding, The Hungary Butcher might just be the best butcher in the entire world. It makes dozens of varieties of sausages, incredible smoked bacon, and even packages up ready-to-go marinated meat for an easy night in.

Then, once you’ve got your fill of incredible meat, all you need to do is head next door to All ‘Bout Cheese, where you’ll be in cheese-lover’s heaven. They sell everything from a mango and ginger stilton to the locally produced Gunn’s Hill cheese.

And, if you’re into independent fashion, you have to check out Illbury + Goose, an OEV fashion brand dedicated to producing garments, accessories, and apothecary items that celebrate everything great about Canada.

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